Composing, 2010.

It is a new year. Welcome 2010!

A lot of great things happened last year, but the greatest thing for me was finally figuring out what I was supposed to be doing with my life. The thing is, once I figured it out, I realised I knew it all along. Don’t you hate that? I believe a lot of people have had that very same experience.

So what is this thing I am supposed to be doing? My calling? My higher purpose?

Composing Music.

Yes, folks, writing new music. I have loved doing this for years and years but last year was the first point where I discovered it was not just something I liked doing, it was THE thing. The primary of all the things I liked to do.

However, writing music is a very vague job title and does not automatically come with a paycheck. So I spent some time wondering and researching and thinking and mulling……Then I stumbled upon another idea that I had also been thinking about for years. Again, a lightening bolt that really was an old thought.

Film composing!

Writing music for the movies, TV and the media arts in general. Very exciting stuff. Maybe you are not feeling it like I am feeling it, but I feel it, folks. I feel it.

The amazing and simply wonderful thing was that when I finally figured this out, it felt right. I felt peaceful. That “got it” sensation. What a relief to finally have a goal that feels complete and right.

So, what am I doing to pursue this goal?

First of all, I am attending a Film Composition course: This program was created by Hummie Mann and now primarily taught by Tim Huling, although Hummie is still very involved. Both Hummie and Tim are fantastic film composers, active in the industry. I have already completed the first of five sections and passed the theory test into the second. Film Scoring 2 (FS2) starts mid-january. Very exciting!

Secondly, my husband and I decided to purchase a Mac (The Beast) and the software program Digital Performer 7 (DP) as they are tools of the the trade used by the majority of film composers. This was not a small investment. I was honoured that my husband believes in this venture as much as I do. He allowed us to put our money where my mouth is…..that sentence is awkward, but I believe you understand.

Thirdly, I have been developing my website (still needs a lot of work but is currently functional) and making connections with film composers, directors and anyone else I can corner who is remotely connected with the film industry.

Finally, I have been writing music. Important part of this venture, wouldn’t you say? This brings me to the item I would like to announce as we embark on this new year.

I am making a commitment to write music every day this year. I have a big book of manuscript paper and every day there will be a new entry. I am sure some days will just be a melody. Other days will be a harmonized melody. And maybe other days will have a full piece complete with a recording produced using DP.

Regardless, I will write, every day. I will, because I know this is what I am supposed to be doing and it is time to get real and make a significant time commitment. There have been musical periods in my life, College for instance, where I have enjoyed being involved, have made musical progress and accomplished wonderful things. But rarely did I give 100%. I have been able to accomplish a lot while putting in a little. That time is over. I will sweat over this. I will become exhausted. I will put this above all other things except for my wonderful husband. He will always be my number one. But to honour his belief in my abilities and to honour my own abilities, I need to do this.

So there it is folks. You will read about the fruit of my efforts here, and you will be actually able to hear them on I hope they will not disappoint.

So, Cheers 2010! Here’s to a year of compositions. I am excited!


3 thoughts on “Composing, 2010.

  1. Congrats! I will be starting FS5 with Tim and Hummie in a couple weeks. You should also join the Seattle Composer’s Alliance if you haven’t already. In fact if you do so soon, you can get in on the post-holiday party happening Jan 23.

    • Thanks for the comments, Del. I am a member of SCA and was at the last Annual General. I also hope to go to the Holiday party. Will be great to have a chance to chat to other wonderful composers like you! I hope FS2 students are able to visit your recording sessions. I would love to hear some of your work, Del. Keep in touch.


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