Keeping My Word

It is nearly January fourth and I have kept my promise to compose daily. So far, so good! Although, I must say that today I was feeling a little tired and the thought occurred to me: “How about I take the day of composing?” Seriously?! It has only been two days!!! So lame. I quickly extinguished the thought and got to work. Today I continued to work on the piece that came to me in the early hours of January second. More info on that piece to come, but not today.

I have published the two songs that I have been working on over the holidays. They are called ‘Seeing Home‘ and ‘Then There Were Three‘. Two little samples that give you a small insight into my growing capabilities. These pieces were as much composition as DP exploration. I am just beginning to know the program, but I believe as our relationship develops, so will the fruit of that relationship.  That being said, I really like these pieces!

I hope you enjoy today’s listening. There will be more to come. I am enjoying sharing my journey with you.



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