Not so easy, is it?!

Once again I blog to you about my resolve to compose daily. However, I have a confession to make: I missed a day. Yes, it’s true. On Friday the 8th I did not compose. I am kind of disappointed but also aware of the realities of my life. Let me tell you, last week was an absolute doozy. Busy, exiting, stressful, intense…..exhausting. And it all ended with a sushi party at our place to unofficially celebrate my husband’s birthday (he does not like being the center of attention). By that point I was very ready for a nap! The night was a long but fun one and sadly, no composing took place.

This weekend I continued to work on the piece I started Thursday. It is an homage to the writing in Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore. I am actually concerned it is too similar! I need to have another listen to the score and make sure that I am indeed writing an homage and not a variation!

This piece will be a full orchestration which is exciting and a little nerve wracking. Dealing with Alto clef is annoying. I love the viola but why oh why can’t it be in treble clef?! If I remember that I in alto clef then I am fine but it seems that half way through the writing I mentally switch to treble or bass clef and then can’t figure out why it doesn’t sound right!

These next few months will be challenging as I try to compose every day. We have decided to buy a house. I need to do my masters thesis. Then there is my job! And the favorite part of my week: FS2. There are only so many hours in the day…..but I love this part of the day. The part where music is mysteriously flowing from my thoughts onto the page. It is still bewildering to me and I can never believe these creations come from my mind. So amazing, don’t you think?



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