What stops a composer from composing….part 2!

When did I last compose? Um………..

Here’s the deal: I had sinus surgery. This is a minor outpatient procedure, but goodness me does it take the wind out your sails! It happened last week. Thursday through Tuesday was a hazy painful Vicodin-filled blur. The days before surgery I didn’t feel great either so nothing has been happening for what seems like ages.  Rien. TodayI am starting to feel better but not 100%  yet and it is frustrating, you know?

Welcome to the point where this goes from a blog to a whine: I have so much going on right now! I work full time. I am finishing my masters. I am attending film scoring school. I am recovering from a pain-in-the-arse procedure. This equals “argh!” And all I really want to do is create great music. But, you know when there is so much you have to do, that you end up doing absolutely freak-all? That is me, right now, tonight.

Just thought I would share.

However, this too shall pass. It is nearly the weekend and I have very little planned. I am going to spend some time writing melodies and harmonies which give me goose bumps. That is my goal. And then I will share them with you.

Deal? Deal.


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