Long time no blog……

It has been forever since I have blogged. This was pointed out by my mum on the phone the other night. The upside of that is now I know I have at least one dedicated reader! I also felt guilty about my lack of blogging after reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin (a book/website/blog you should definitely check out). Rubin was informed by a friend upon starting her blog that you had to blog every day! Really? That’s a lot of sharing. This week’s House even featured a vigilant blogger. Ah, they all put me to shame.

But here I am, back to share the joys of being a young composer. As you know from my last two blogs, I had surgery and bought a house. Talk about time consuming and overwhelming! Living amongst boxes does not compel someone to do anything except get rid of said boxes. Last week I was packing. This week I have been unpacking, sorting, shelving and organising.

But there has been a fantastic and wonderful upside: My Studio. I now have a place dedicated to the creation of music. I have my guitars and keyboard and mac (AKA “The Beast”). I am still in the process of plugging in parts, installing software and all that good stuff. but by this weekend I should have a fantastic functioning creative space all to myself (although there is space for Hubby to come and join me – it can get lonely,  you know!) It is exciting. When I walk into that room I feel peace and the urge to create.

Your question is: am I now composing? The first blog was all about “this year I am going to write every day: rah rah rah!!!” Clearly, that has not been happening. But I have been composing. More importantly, I want to compose. When I have missed a day or a number of days, I don’t feel good. I feel disappointed. However, I need to keep in mind the wise words spoken by my mentor at our last lesson. He said to remember during a bad, crazy, overwhelming week like the last one, that it does not represent “me”.  It only represents “me last week”. Every week I will get better. I have more opportunities to prove what I am made of, and I will take those opportunities!

I will be in touch. Maybe not daily, but definitely weekly or perhaps even bi-weekly! Rubin would be so proud.




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