New Website. New Inspiration.

Nothing like a new website to make one excited about all the possibilities!

Thanks to the design genius of Jordan Williams and the photographic wizardry of Sarah Morlidge, I now have a kick-arse new website. To celebrate I posted a new piece which I wrote over the last few weeks, “Dark and Ancient.” Also, I recorded my favorite piece of music I have ever written, which is the song “These Times.” It came out of a hard time and always helps me feel better when I am down. Hopefully it will help you, too. Take a listen…….

Another exciting thing that has happened in the last 24 hours was “Music Meets Film” at the EMP. Organised by the Seattle Composers Alliance (of which I am a member),  the event created a speed-dating environment where composers had five minute chats with film makers. I met about twelve I think, which was great. So exciting to hear what is happening in film today. I am thrilled to be a part of it. If any of those fantastic individuals are reading this: thank you for coming out today. It was awesome to meet with you. I learned so much!

What was also fantastic was just hanging with other composers and talking to them, having them hear my music. To know for certain that I am not in this alone and that there are folks out there doing what I am doing, but also willing to help, advise, listen… is wonderful.

I am so happy!

And exhausted. We accidentally went for an insanely long walk this afternoon.



2 thoughts on “New Website. New Inspiration.

  1. I love the new site Catherine! It’s very classy, and it’s great to be able to hear some of your music.

    Now you just need a better blog byline than “Just another weblog”. I’ve been trying to come up with some suggestions but all I’ve got so far is:
    – Catherine. Composing.
    – The Raw Score
    – Making Music (so obvious…)
    – and the terrible: DJ CJ

    • Thanks James! I like “Catherine. Composing.” I also like “The Raw Score.” Great to hear from you in general. Thanks for your support.

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