Time Flies…..

Ah, to be a full-time composer. But alas, that is not yet in the cards. As a result, you have not heard from me in a while. But the good news is: school finishes tomorrow! No more teaching whipper-snappers until Autumn falls. Well, that’s not entirely true: I will be doing some private instruction. But that will just occupy a few hours of week. The rest of the time? Composing. Yay!

I would actually like to give myself a challenge. For a 30 day period I am going to compose every day. I tried to do this at the beginning of the year and it was not successful. Honestly, it is hard when you are working, and doing a masters, and buying a house (not that I am making excuses or anthing). But during summer there are no excuses. My goal is to be relentless…and just have fun doing what I love: creating new music! I haven’t decided on the 30-day period but I will keep you posted.

SIFF was awesome. I didn’t get to as many movies as I wanted, but I did get to see six and to hear some great film music. I think my favorite film was “Mao’s Last Dancer” with music by Christopher Gordon. Congrats to Lindy and Kris Boustedt for getting “Perfect 10” in SIFF and completing their first feature-length film. A friend of mine saw 42 films! Next year, I have to get closer to that number.

Next: STIFF. I will see my first credit – me, playing violin, in a film by Cory Kelly and Amy Enser which was submitted as part of the Music Video competition. Very exciting!

Tomorrow is graduation day for Chestnut Hill Academy. 170+ kids will be singing Seasons of Love and Dancing in the Streets. So cool, I hope it sounds killer. But I have to be there freakin’ early.

Good night!

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