Summer Has Begun!

Hi Folks,

It is official. I am on summer holidays. And you know what that means: It’s ON!!! Yes, three exclamation points, because that is how ‘on’ it is.

“What is on?” you may ask. My commitment to compose daily. To be relentless and prolific. Until today I have had solid excuses to lean on. Excuse 1: I am working really hard every day. Excuse 2: I am in class, whether it be Masters or Film Scoring. But all these things have been completed. No more teaching every day. I now officially am a Master of Music. And Film Scoring 3 is over and done with. (Only 4 & 5 to go!) By the way, that is the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program. Check it out!

So now I feel appropriately obligated to really jump in with both feet and honor the investment that my husband and I have placed into my film scoring venture. One goal: to submit a bunch of tracks to  Audiosocket. I met up with a few folks from there at Film Meets Music and it is definitely a great place to have you music. Their clients include HBO, Lifetime and NBC.

Today I worked on my piece for the Composition Lab. It will be performed (and recorded) sometime in August – will keep you posted on that date. The performance will feature some phenomenal Seattle musicians such as Jay Thomas and (hopefully, providing schedules work out) Mark Taylor.

Finally, but not in the least, a movie project I am working on, We Were Vampire, had their first shoot this last weekend. Check out the link and read all about it. There is much music to be composed for WWV as well.

Lots to do. Which is awesome. I hate composing in a vacuum which is why I love writing for film. I will keep you posted and will start uploading tracks so you have something to listen to while you read. It’s only fair, right?

Thanks for reading. Allow me to reinforce my summer theme: Relentless. Prolific.


2 thoughts on “Summer Has Begun!

  1. Catherine,
    You are fabulous and I look forward to working with you on We Were Vampire and many other films to create a truly exciting experiance for our audiances and fans. CONGRATULATIONS! on your completion of your Master’s. Not an easy task. TTYS
    Executive Producer
    Area 51 Produtions

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