The Film, Music and Digital Media Happy Hour!

It was a balmy Seattle summer day as I headed off with two of my fellow composer buddies to the Film, Music and Digital Media happy hour at the Spitfire Grill. It happens on the last Wednesday of every month and this was my first time. Exciting! Apparently, it has been going on for a while and I am just behind the times. The Happy Hour is hosted by a number of local arts affiliates including  the Seattle Office of Film + Music and Washington Filmworks.  We got there and it was Packed! It is clear that film, music and the digital media arts are alive and well in Seattle. How awesome is that?

I met a lot of great folks in film by following the rules laid out in the letter sent by the Office of Film and Music.

1. DON’T be afraid to join conversations
2. DO look at people’s nametags (Blue=Film / Red=Music / Gold=Digital Media)
3. DO bring business cards
4. DO pass out samples of your work
5. DO set a goal of introducing yourself to at least ten people
6. DO be sure to talk to people from other industries
7. DO write where you work or what you do on your name tag

I am relieved they put those rules in because then everyone expects to be rudely interrupted and (while I tried to be friendly and not rude) I sure did a lot of interrupting!  And I am glad I did because I met some awesome people. Speaking of awesome: Aaron of Team Awesome Seattle. Check out their work, they indeed live up to their name.  Hanging out with Aaron was Mike of Pinprick Films who is currently working on a web series – keep an eye out for that. I also met Ty from Frankenhuffer Productions who also is working on some cool projects. I wanted to mention all these folks because it is a testament to the creativity of film in Seattle. I learned a lot talking to these guys and was really inspired when I left the Happy Hour.

So I will be there at the next one and hopefully you will be too, if this is something you are passionate about. I know that many projects have successfully come to fruition as a result of networking events such as this.

More to come soon…….



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