Full Steam Ahead….

It has been too long since I have posted, but I promise I have great reasons. The beginning of summer marked the beginning of a nasty virus that turned into an infection. So mean! I managed to pass it on to my hubby as well, which was not fun for him. Then my parents arrived from Aus for a 7 day visit. That was really special. My mum and dad are my biggest fans, great advisers and excellent listeners. One thing we did while they were in town was check out a night of the Seattle Chamber Music Festival. It featured a piano, bassoon and oboe trio by Poulenc, cello and piano concerto by Grieg and this incredible, breathtaking string octet by Mendelssohn. It was completely and beautifully refreshing. I left feeling simultaneously inspired and awestruck. I have to go back.

I did not achieve that much composing while they were here but now it is on, baby. No more house guests. No more sickness (I insist!). Just lots of me and my mac time. I have done one thing to really keep me on track. I came across the idea while reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. One thing she did was make a daily chart of the things she wants to achieve and then she would check them off and give herself a gold star when she achieved her goals. So I have taken that on. Now every day has the following:
E is for exercising. C is for (you guessed it!) composing. PP is for piano practice. I really would like to improve my piano skills as much as possible as I strongly believe it will help my composing. By ‘help’ I think I simply mean making it easier for me to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper, into the computer. This chart sound so simple it is bordering on stupid, right? But I am a big person for checking things of a list. If the things are there, and I can’t check them, then that’s not good. It is an incredibly simple yet effective motivational tool.

So I have been practicing and composing. One thing I am working on is a sequel to “These Times”, my favorite song ever. It is track 3 on my website. It is going well but it will be a piece I will work on for a while. Meanwhile, there are a lot of other projects on my desk: the Comp Lab piece, tracks for Audio Socket and themes for We Were Vampire, to name a few.

Never a dull moment, folks. And now I shall leave you so I can make it happen!



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