Here is November!

September and October were very eventful. I am so sorry that I did not keep you posted. Ludicrous! But no more. I will write often, I promise.

During the last three weeks of September I participated in a challenge with three other Seattle Composer’s Alliance members to compose and produce a composition daily. We uploaded them up on for the others to listen to. It was a huge challenge but what it produced was fantastic. It also made me feel alive and focused on a daily basis. Nothing better than being made to do what you love to do.

October also brought exciting events, the most memorable being a trip to LA for my 5 year anniversary with my handsome hubby and the Film Orchestration workshop with Scott Smalley. Smalley was brilliant and I certainly learned a lot. I also had the pleasure of meeting other fantastic composers, most of whom are based in LA. Hopefully, in a few years, I will be too! Another fantastic moment was being voted onto the board of the Seattle Composer’s Alliance.  This is a great organization and I am thrilled to be an active part.

And now we are in November. I have decided to take on the challenge to compose daily again this month. Given that my full time job is a music teacher, that will truly be a challenge, but I am ready to do it again. I won’t be producing and uploading every day as we did in September, as I have some bigger works I am composing right now. Let me share with you what they are.

First of all I am writing a song in Hebrew for the film Scapegoat. This film is in pre-production right now and we are focusing on marketing  in order to raise finances. I have already completed some music for the website and you can check that out at

For Composition Lab (led by Tim Huling) I am composing a piece for sextet – string quartet with flute and oboe. That is coming along nicely but still needs a lot of work.

Then I am working on an Animation project. The story was written by the great Chadwick Gillenwater, an excellent children’s author and the animation will be done by Michael Knott. It is very exciting and is at the very beginning stages.

Also there is the work I am doing with Deous Gennari on the film We Were Vampire, which is currently filming.

So much to write! How great is that? I am excited. I hope you will keep me accountable. I will keep you posted on my progress: good, bad and ugly.


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