Working Hard!

Hi Folks,

It has been ten days since I have written and friends, I have been working hard. My mentor has had me proofing scores for a recording session this weekend. Let me tell you, working all day as a teacher and all night as a proofer has been hard! But so fun!! The coolest thing I love about film scoring is that as exhausting as it is, it gives me energy and simply fills me with joy. Sound cheesy but I am completely serious. Proofing scores has been a great education. I have also been reading Bernard Herrmann’s biography in my brief downtime. He lived in other composer’s scores and I need to do that more. A lot more. And I want to, because staring at scores and figuring out what is going on is….well….fun!

In addition to the score proofing, I have been composing a song in Hebrew for the Scapegoat project. It has been so great. There is nothing better than writing for a project that you are passionate about. Very cool stuff.

That is all I am going to write for now. Next time I write, I will have exciting news, but I am staying mute on that point for now.



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