I Love Recording Sessions

I had the coolest experience. As I think I told you I have been proofing scores for a film. Then I had the opportunity to go to the recording session. Some of Seattle’s best players, many of whom also play in the Seattle Symphony, were there in the studio sight reading this music and doing a fantastic job. Hearing the composer and orchestrator interact with the conductor and the players was also very interesting. I learnt so much, people.

The music was fantastic. The composer and orchestrator, people who have done a lot of work with a lot of famous people, were two respectful and cool individuals. About every hour or so the composer would hit the button on the microphone and say to the orchestra “You guys are sounding really great, thanks.” I thought that was huge. And accurate, they sounded so great!

I want to be in the composer’s chair one day, or at least the orchestrator’s. Scratch that: I will be in that chair, one day. I am sure of it. Even if I have to pay for the whole thing! It has to happen. Because it is just heaven for me. At many points during the session I think was just sitting there, grinning from ear to ear. I looked silly, no doubt, but I was so Happy!

It was a few days before the session when I resigned as a music teacher. Here’s why: I love to compose. But after a day like today, where I have been at school since too early and stayed until too late, coming home and composing is so hard. I am exhausted. I am frustrated. And, a little depressed, sad to say, because nothing is more depressing than being too tired to do the thing you love!

The recording session definitely confirmed everything for me. It was a hugely exhausting but I was the happiest of happy clams at the end of it – even had enough energy to tell my husband every detail, two or three times over.

I think, when you are exhausted but happy, that is when you know you are on the right track….


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