Snow Productive

Nothing like a November snow storm to get the creative juices flowing. Although, this week, it wasn’t just composition that had my attention. I had the idea to write a screenplay and over the week I managed to get down 90 pages. Crazy! It was so fun, though, a  lot of fun. I believe there is something there, although it needs more work. I have had a few trusted friends and relatives read it and the feedback was positive and critically helpful.

I love writing music, but as a child my passion was writing stories. I can remember in 3rd grade wanting to write a novel. I knew a novel had many pages so I just wrote and wrote….I don’t remember there being much of a story line or character development but there were a lot of words!

I am excited to be writing again. This is my first try at doing a a screen play and the thing I enjoy about it is the focus on dialogue. I love novels but my favorite aspects are dialogue and action. Description, when lengthy, can become a little tedious. The avenue of the screen play lets me enjoy the aspects of writing that I enjoy most. I am not sure why I am just figuring this out, but better late than never!

However, the music writing continues! I am working towards finish the Sextet which is coming along nicely. Also I have been adding to a simple piano piece that I started during the composition challenge back in September. There are also many other  projects is the mix and I will keep you posted as they develop.


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