One more week and then a new chapter starts….

This is my last week as a general music specialist at Chestnut Hill Academy. My time there has been a great and important experience. I am definitely a better person, musician and teacher for it. Since my students have found out about my leaving they have been a little sad which has broken my heart quite a bit. Thankfully, some of them will still be having lessons with me at my home studio in Seattle. Also, I will definitely be going back there to see the performances and witness their musical progress under the instruction of Mr. Franklin, their new fantastic music teacher.

I must say at this point that the faculty and staff at CHA are a phenomenal bunch of individuals, especially the Specialist team. I am thankful to have worked with such a great bunch and will miss them immensely! Thankfully they are just 20 minutes away and I will be crashing the staff lounge at lunchtime every now and then, I am sure (if they let me in!).

While I am feeling very emotional saying goodbye, I am also very exciting about this new chapter in my life. 2011 will be an eventful year, I am sure. Two projects I am involved with –  Scapegoat and We Were Vampire – are continuing to develop and it is awesome to be a part of these endeavors on the ground floor. There are also other exciting things in the works but you will just have to wait patiently for more news on that front…..

As of the 18th of December I will be a full time composer and part-time music teacher. I hope it stays that way……forever. (Can you be a full time something and a part time something else? I guess as long are you are happy to do 1.5 jobs…..) I think teaching will always be a part of my life in some way or another. I believe that if you are passionate about something you should make an effort to pass it on to someone else at some point, right?

So, stay with me people! I am excited, so excited, and I hope to have many great stories to tell you over the next few months.



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