Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

2010 was a fantastic year.

At the beginning of the year I had finished Film Scoring 1, and was tackling Digital Performer and orchestral samples. By March, I was the assistant to an established composer; helping him land gigs, and working on them when he was hired. This was a very exciting development, one that continues to be awesome.

In August, the first Jazz piece I had written in ages, Jimster, premiered at Tula’s Jazz Club in Seattle. It is a great experience to write a piece of music that you love; but to have it played by musicians such as Jay Thomas, Mark Taylor and Greg Williams, that is amazing. Phenomenal. Mind Boggling!!!

I also scored my first short: The Four Loves by film maker David Kavanaugh. That was another great experience. My very first film. I learned a lot on that gig. I want to do a million more movies so I can just keep getting better and better. In addition to Four Loves, I played violin on a music documentary, was Booth Supervisor for Photo Booth and was the score proofreader on a Barbie movie! This was my first year of trying to make it in the world of film, and I was doing that while trying to hold down a full time job.

2011 is different. This is now my full-time job! I have no excuses and nothing else distracting me. I am so excited! But don’t worry: I am prepared for disappointment and discouragement and rejection and all that annoying stuff. I think I am going to get a lot of that. A LOT. Which will be hard. You may see some posts complaining of such obstacles…just to give you the heads up. However, it is very exciting and I am ready, guns-a-blazing folks.

So, please stay with me! Here’s to a New Year. Here’s to realizing your dreams and living a life of no regrets.



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