Exciting Start to the Freelancing Existence….

Hi Folks,

It has been a month and 4 days since I blogged. Sorry! Lame, I know. But my, what a month and 4 days it has been!

I was curious to discover how I would find the freelancing life. While I knew the hours would suit me (i.e. making my own schedule) I was concerned about being by myself for a lot of the day. Would I get lonely? Would I miss the interaction of a normal working life? Well, truth be told, I have felt quite at home with a more solitary working day. My two wonderful cats Bondi and Bronte keep me company when I am home alone, working in the studio.  When I do see people, whether it be time with my mentor, Tim, a lunch date with a girlfriend, or a business meeting, I really enjoy it. I am still working on creating and sticking to a solid schedule, where I do all the things I want to do: business, practice, study and (most importantly) actual composition. My goal for February is to get that locked in and make sure all areas of my professional life are covered on a daily basis.

The coolest thing that happened this last month was receiving a call from filmmaker Phil Seneker.  He asked me to compose the music for his short “A Musing“. I had been keeping an eye on this project, as it seemed fantastic, and I was thrilled to finally be a collaborator, not simply an onlooker. However, the challenge was he needed the music very quickly. I had about a week to delivery: scary! I got to work and was able to meet the deadline and make Phil happy – two very important things to achieve. I am thrilled with this film. It has been submitted to a number of festivals  and I would be very surprised if it is not accepted. The quality of the film is excellent.

Now that “A Musing” is on IMDB, I finally have my first composer credit on my IMDB page. That is just huge for me. This website is a tool I use every day to keep tabs on what is happening in the film industry. It is so exciting to have my first composer credit (of many, hopefully) up there for the film world to see.

Now I am on the hunt for new projects and already there seem to be a few materializing. I will keep you posted as I hear more. In addition, Film Scoring 5, the last installment of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, is now in full swing. I am working on a great student film called “Freedom”. Part of FS5 is having one-on-one sessions with Hummie Mann and Tim Huling which will be fantastic. I expect to learn A LOT about the craft of composing for film.

Finally, I have updated my website www.catheringrealish.com so definitely check that out if you haven’t had the chance. This week I plan to add some new tracks to my music samples and I will let you know when that actually happens.

Until then, thanks for reading! I will be in touch again soon……



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