Notes while distracted by the Oscars……

Yes, I am watching the Oscars while writing to you. Please don’t be offended: the Oscars really are inspiring. Did I agree with the choice for Best Score? Not really, unfortunately. I think Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are amazing and I truly did love their score. However, it was overshadowed, I believe, by the work of John Powell “How To Train Your Dragon” and Alexandre Desplate “King’s Speech”. I really think one of them should have one. But cheers to Reznor and Ross all the same…….

So, now that I have that off my chest: News Time!
I recently finished composing the score for  A Musing, working with the fabulous David Spies (writer and director) and Phil Seneker (cinematographer, editor and producer). David said this of my work:

“Catherine really understood the story, identified with the characters and wrote music that accentuates each scene with a perfect balance of emotion. I will be happy to recommend her work to any filmmaker looking for a great composer!”

That meant the world to me. What was even more fantastic was being able to work on a local short of such phenomenal quality. The writing, acting and production was excellent. Cheers to the cast and crew.

Last week I received an email from David Spies asking me to compose the music on his next short Silver Bells. I, of course, said YES! and am super excited about this project. You can like it on Facebook here and if you would like to invest in this fantastic independent film definitely check out the website for information on how to do so.

Meanwhile, I am partnering with the folks at FutureSite Films, who are doing a documentary on real-life superheroes here in Seattle, and Jillian Suleski on her film Playfish, which she is writing and directing.

There is a lot going on and I am so happy. I have never been this happy. And excited!

Let me say one more thing. The film community at large is special, but the Washington State film community is really something spectacular. Since I have joined it and started composing for film, I have felt very welcome. At the different events, like the Seattle Office of Film and Music networking happy hour, or at premieres, film folk, no matter how great or small in the scheme of things, have made me feel welcome. They have chatted with me and offered me opportunities to learn and advance my career. My husband, accompanying me to the premiere of Photobooth, was blown away by how cool and open everyone was. This is why it is so important, if you are WA state resident, to help keep the Washington film industry competitive: support Washington Filmworks by calling your legislator to support House Bill 1554 and Senate Bill 5539. Please, please do this. Thank you!



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