Exciting Things are Happening!

Hi All,

March is shaping up to be a fun month, with a lot to do. The biggest thing that happened this month was finding out I will be involved with Fly Films. This fantastic project sponsored by Washington Filmworks, Seattle Composers Alliance (SCA) and SIFF. Essentially, film makers are given around 20 days to shoot, edit and produce a film. They collaborate with a composer from the SCA to create the score, and then the film is premiered at SIFF. Very exciting action packed stuff!!! I am super excited about this exhilarating project. I don’t yet know which film I will be working with, but I will let you know when I do. Also, you will be hearing from me regarding screening dates. Stay tuned!

In addition, Playfish starts shooting this month. This film is directed and written by Jillian Suleski. I am super excited to see this film come together and can’t wait to score the music. I have also had the opportunity to contribute music to another great film: Nothing Against Life. I am scoring the short Freedom with two other fantastic composers Mary Webster and William Cannon. We are working on themes right now and it is sounding great!

Finally, I have finished the Sextet I have been working on for a while. I am looking to do a quick recording this month, and then in May it will be premiered as part of the Composer Lab program, run by Tim Huling. It is around six minutes long and I am pretty thrilled with it. There is nothing more sweet than working on something for a while and having it all come together and sound fantastic! That is why I love writing music: immediate feedback.

Well, that’s all the news I have for you for now. I will leave you with this link:

This is a blog for screenwriters but it completely applies to composers or really anyone that wants to make it in the entertainment world. It is essentially about being relentless and vigilant. I watched a film today that mirrored these ideals: Morning Glory. It is about a woman who has a dream and goes for it, balls to the wall, and finds success.

Here’s to all of us finding the success we are chasing.



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