The Composition Challenge Commences!

Hi Friends,

It has been too long. I know, I start every single blog this way, but no more! I have initiated a composition challenge with fellow members of the Seattle Composers’ Alliance. We had this challenge back in September, 2010, when I was still a full-time teacher. It was really hard to do then, but I did it, and lately I have noticed how many great ideas I came up with as a result of the daily challenge. So I initiated the challenge again  and it started today. You can check out my track here: I am No Fool.

I was really impressed with this track, but maybe not for the reasons you expect. I worked really hard all day on another project. While I was running around finishing that, I wrote “I am No Fool” in my head. Once I came home I managed to make what was going around in my head come out my fingers and then I produced it. So Cool! I was thrilled, I have to tell you, because it is  not so easy to make the wonderful music in your head become a reality. I love this track. For me, it is the perfect Friday track. For some reason I believe that tracks written on a Friday should be on piano. I can’t explain this, it is simply my weird reality!

Anyway, I will be doing a track a day at least through April 27th and hopefully through May and into the summer. On April 28th I am heading to LA to be a part of the “I Create Music” expo, hosted by ASCAP (of which I am a member). Very exciting! I promise to tell you all about it.

Until next time….

Catherine Grealish


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