Feeling Ambient….

Hi Folks,

Today is Day Two of the composition challenge. Yesterday I enjoyed some piano with “I am No Fool“. Today I wrote a very different piece called “Moon“. I love Clint Mansell’s music on the film “Moon” – it is a creepy, eerie, lonely film. When I was watching it my husband fell asleep so I finished it alone. It was late. The film was so unnerving. I was totally creeped out afterwards – but in a good way! The music played a major role in making the film feel so weird and eerie. So, Mansell, I tip my hat to you…..

In other news, so far three films I have been involved with are going to be playing at SIFF. Firstly, I am part of the Fly Films project where film makers only have a limited amount of time to create a short film. I will composing the music for the film by Matthew J. Clark. Shooting is done and editing is under way. I am super excited about this project and it will be great to have a film that I composed on screening at SIFF.

Secondly, Busking Cadenza will  be premiering at SIFF. I was involved in this project ages ago and it is just fantastic to see it finally come to completion and receive the premiere it deserves. I played violin and percussion on this short and (wait for it) I actually appear on screen!!! Crazy. I did not expect that when I became involved with the project. This movie is very special and I am thrilled to see it on the big screen.

Finally, Photo Booth will be premiering as well. This is an awesome movie with kick-arse music composed by a dear friend of mine, Eric Goetz. I was just the humble booth supervisor on this film but I loved being a part of it and learned a lot by watching Eric and the other great musicians record the score at London Studios.

I hope if you are in Seattle you will check out all these movies. I am hoping that I will have one more film screening at SIFF but we will see. Fingers crossed…..

Meanwhile, enjoy “Moon” and I will write more soon…..



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