A Sunday with Questions…..

My piece for today is called “Questions” and features flute, clarinet and strings. I really like it but this, like any good theme, could be developed and morphed in many different ways. One day I will get a chance to do that.

In the meantime, I have had a busy day. I went to the A Musing cast and crew party and finally saw the finished product on the big screen. Also received the poster and the DVD which is great. It was wonderful to finally meet a lot of the cast and hear about everyone’s experiences throughout this project. I really enjoyed working on this film and, from the sounds of it, everyone else did too. Such a great community of talent here in Seattle.

Other exciting things today. I saw the first edit of the Fly Films project I am working on, working title “Dying Love”. It looks fantastic, people. You must come see it at SIFF! Also, I am working on themes and ideas for “Freedom” and getting ready to meet with our music team tomorrow.

Lots of composing going on! Could life get any better? I am sure there are many more good things to come and this is just a taste: onward and upward.



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