Feeling Victorious!

Hi All,

Today has been a good day. My husband and I achieved something that we have wanted for a long, long time. We bought him a porsche. You have to understand: we’re not rich folks by any standard, but we work very hard and have been doing so for a long time. In our journey together (over six years now) we have achieved more than we ever dreamed. The wonderful thing at the beginning of the year was for me to become a freelance  composer and teacher, something I have always wanted. Now hubby has what he has always wanted as well. Victory!  In celebration I wrote Rising. I hope you enjoy it.

Backtracking to yesterday’s tune, I wrote One Five six Four. This was a super fun tune to write. The title refers to the incredibly common chord progression I used. This chord progression is in many pop and rock tunes, as well as in classical music, like Pachelbel’s Canon. With many of my adult students who want to learn how to accompany themselves on piano I show them this clip by the Aussie group Axis of Awesome. It is called the Four Chord Song. (If you watch this clip, please note there is a little bit of swearing in the dialogue at the beginning. The actual song starts 50 seconds in.) In this little skit they show just how many songs, great and mediocre, use these four chords. Included artists are Journey, U2, The Beatles, Crowded House and Bob Marley.

Some may say that these four chords are overused but, at the end of the day, they feel fantastic to play. They really do. I played my hubby One Five six Four last night and he immediately picked up his acoustic bass and started playing along. Maybe that is why these four chords are genius: because everyone can join in without much fuss. I love it! Please, have a listen and join in…..



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