On and on it goes….

Hi all,

Happy Monday! It is a new week. Last week was quite productive for me. I know I was not able to post much music publicly but I was working on numerous projects that will eventually be available for your ears to hear….just not right this moment.

First of all I was finalizing the music for my Fly Film directed by the fantastic Matthew J. Clark of Loaded Pictures. We are mixing tomorrow, it is all very exciting. Exciting and scary – when music is finalized it is terrifying. I have listened to the cues over and over, fixing and tweaking things here and there.  However,  I am positive that when I am sitting in the theater I will hear something and think “no!”  Hopefully, I will just hear it, and no one else!

Secondly, I was finishing off the first three tracks for the musical I am working on. They were submitted to two different theaters, and who knows what will become of them. Hopefully good things, if not this time then sometime soon.

Thirdly, I was working on another film: “Freedom”. I am doing the music with two other great composers: Mary Webster and William Cannon. It is still in the beginning stages of musical development.

This week I will be working on a very very short film with Ty Huffer. He is editing as we speak and I am looking forward to seeing it. Will be fun!

Finally, I am writing music for commercials specifically this week. Today’s one is pretty long for a commercial I guess, but I was loving the idea and had to keep going. It was my motivating tune for the week, called “It All Begins Again“. I love its movement and energy. I love the sound of pizzicato strings!



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