Exciting Things!

A lot of things have been happening since I last wrote. I have definitely been keeping busy, which is great. I love busy….

I think the most exciting event for me this last week was working on the three minute masterpiece by Ty Huffer. It was for a competition hosted by the Seattle Times and SIFF. The finalists will be streamed on Seattle Times and played at SIFF. This would be my fourth film in SIFF that I have worked on, the second one I composed music on, if it makes it in. I have high hopes because, let me tell you, it is FANTASTIC. The title is “Ego Boost“. I am not going to tell you anything about it except that is so much fun.

The last couple of films I have been working on have been dealing with serious content: domestic abuse, terminal illness, depression and control issues. It was a relief to work on something that is just a creative, well-produced romp. Ty Huffer, of Frankenhuffer, is a great writer and director and I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to work with him.

So, please definitely check out Ego Boost and I will let you know how we go with the judging. Honestly, I think it is winning material but we shall see if the judges agree…..

Tomorrow morning extremely bright and early my husband and I head down to sunny LA. Will be great because Seattle, while having a few sunny moments here and there, has been super rainy and very cold today especially. Not OK!

Anyway, I will be attending the ASCAP “I Create Music” expo. Very exciting stuff! It will be an opportunity to learn, network and hear what others are doing. I am pretty psyched as well as a bit nervous with some stomach butterflies. Wish me luck! I plan to come back with lots of fun stories. Hopefully this time I won’t be dragged by a taxi like I was last time! (About 100 feet, not pleasant! The poor taxi driver was really freaked out and we ended up getting a free ride so it wasn’t all bad…..)



One thought on “Exciting Things!

  1. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for posting about your new short! I just watched “Ego Boost”, and loved the music. It was a cute video too, and the music really directed the energy. What is the difference between sound design and composing?


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