SIFF Schedule Published….

The SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) schedule was released this last week. I am very excited about a new season of fabulous films, four of which I am honored to be part of the crew. Without further ado, let me tell you all about them!

After All This (Part of the Fly Filmmaking Challenge)
Director: Matthew J Clark
Music by Catherine Grealish
May 30th, 4.30 & June 7th, 5 p.m.

Ego Boost (One of the 3 Minute Masterpiece films)
Director: Ty Huffer
Music by Catherine Grealish
May 21, 10 a.m.

Busking Cadenza (Seattle Stories)
May 30th, 11 a.m.
Director: Corey Kelley
Music by Eric Goetz
Principal Cast: Catherine Grealish (violin and percussion)
(Cannot believe my face is going to be on the big screen. Just cannot believe it….)

Photo Booth (Seattle Stories)
Director: Timothy Watkins
Music by Eric Goetz
May 30th, 11 a.m.
Booth Supervisor (Music Dept.): Catherine Grealish

Isn’t that great?! Last year, when I checked out a lot of the SIFF films, I never imagined that I would be part of four films showing at the 2011 SIFF. Incredible. I am really thankful.

As you can see, the fantastic composer Eric Goetz was responsible for my involvement in two the four films and for that I am very grateful. I think a major ingredient in succeeding in the film industry is the mentorship and generosity of those further along in their career.

I know I have not been posting many pieces on Soundcloud this week but I have been busy working on the film Freedom and the musical The Trees. More pieces to come this week, promise!



2 thoughts on “SIFF Schedule Published….

    • Liz, thank you so much! I loved working on this amazing film. I felt very privileged to be part of the team. Cheers! Catherine

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