Coffee Anyone?

There is once again a lot to report. The last few weeks have been exciting!

Thanks to a post on Northwest Film Forum I came across the new production company Coffee N Donutz Productions. I shot them an email because they looked awesome, and that lead to a great new project collaboration: Reversal. This is the first of three shorts which they are working on, and I am very excited to be chosen as their composer. You can keep track of our progress on Reversal by checking out their blog.

Tonight at 7 p.m. the Seattle 48 Film Festival commenced. I will be working with Nils Osmar’s team on a SciFi genre short. Tomorrow we film, Sunday I compose and by 7 p.m. that night it will all be over! Our film screens on Tuesday evening at Harvard Exit so get your tickets now!!! This should be a lot of fun. I have been a fan of Nils Osmar’s work for a long time so I am super excited to be helping him out. Mary Webster, my partner in crime (as often as possible) will be working on Team Awesome’s comedic short. Let the games begin!

I spend this last week in LA. It was a fantastic time and it makes me really look forward to the day when we can move down. I had two great opportunities to spend time in the presence of the great Ron Jones (composer of Family Guy, Star Trek Next Gen., Duck Tails, etc.). Thursday was the monthly Ravel Club, where we studied Ravel’s Daphnes et Chloe and enjoyed a fantastic presentation on Found Percussion by percussionist Brad Dutz. Friday I briefly checked out Ron’s latest all-day session “Compose Yourself” which I highly recommend to any composer. We at the Seattle Composers’ Alliance are working on having him give this presentation up here in Seattle. He is very eager to do so, we just need to figure out the timing, so stay tuned!

Anyway, I must get some sleep! Much composing to do tomorrow. Thank you for your support and definitely try and come out this week to see the results of the 48 Hour Film Festival.

Catherine Grealish


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