The Fruits of 48 Hours…..

Hi Folks,

Just a quickie today. Wanted to let you know how you can finally view the final product of our 48 Hour Film Festival venture. Check out this link to see Mercy Hospital: Live! from the Forbidden Zone by Wonder Productions. It is a fun film, a mockumentary kind of idea – an Alien version of M.A.S.H. (Who doesn’t like M.A.S.H?!?!)

A few other things coming your way soon:

The Kickstarter campaign for Reversal (Coffee N Donutz Productions) will be coming your way hopefully sometime next week. I will be composing the music this weekend for the campaign so it will be worth checking out AND donating to – remember, every dollar counts. I do personally try and give  at least $5 to fundraising campaigns of my peers and filmmaker friends. There are so many great films trying to get off the ground and every single dollar counts. It pays the bills of folks like me: folks trying to make a living doing what they are passionate about.

I am working on my reel right now. Want to have a taste of the great projects I have been involved with over the last year or so? Me too! Stay tuned, I am working on it as we speak…..

Catherine Grealish


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