A Few Important Messages…..

Hi Folks,

My tasks this last week were two fold: first of all, finish the longer version of the score for Mercy Hospital: Live! From the Forbidden Zone. That film is now off to festivals. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Secondly, write the music for the Reversal fundraising campaign. That was a lot of fun. Made me really excited about the film: can’t wait! You can check out the fundraising campaign here. I hope it inspires you to give a little…..

Speaking of giving, there is another great film to consider: Room 13.  I am the music specialist on this project. (What that actually means? Time will tell). This fantastic film is written and directed by Paul Eenhoorn, a wonderful Aussie friend and colleague of mine.

Finally, I slimmed down my film reel. You can check it out here.

Well, hopefully next week I will regale you of stories of another great project. No word on that today, it is still a little up in the air. So stay tuned!

Catherine Grealish



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