So It Continues….

A few things to tell you about after another week in the film industry.

Firstly, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Christopher Wood of the Weekly Volcano. It was a great chat and the actual interview came out really well. Check it out here. It is the first time I have been interviewed as a film composer – hopefully not the last! Wood was very surprised when I told him my favorite score was Starship Troopers by Basil Poledouris. I have loved many great scores by Herrmann and Goldsmith, Williams and Desplat, but that score by Poledouris touched me in a way that no other score has. Definitely one worth checking out. My favorite cue is called “Punishment and Asteroid Gazing“.

Secondly, I have my first production meeting for the new horror film “The Resolution” written by Rick Tobin and directed by Rick Walters. Walters and I have been trying to find a project to work on together so I am super excited that it is finally happening. Also, horror films are just so much fun to compose on. We will be starting with a fundraiser campaign so keep your eyes peeled….

Finally, please keep in mind the fundraising campaigns for Reversal and Room 13. These are great projects with people I want to work with for many moons to come. Good film companies start out small with help from folks like you. All of the people involved with these films are serious about the industry. Also, they believe in people getting paid for their hard work. We all want to do this for a living. This is our passion. If you can help us out in any way, please do so.

More news to come!



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