On The Set…..

Hi All,

Today was very cool because I left my humble studio where it is just me and the kittens and went on set for The Resolution. It was a one day shoot to create the trailer in order to raise money for the rest of the film. The Resolution was written by Rick Tobin and will be directed by Rick Walters of Adventus Films. Walters and I have been wanting to work together for a long time so it is exciting to finally find the right project.

I read the script after our production meeting on Wednesday and I was blown away. It is a dark horror film and definitely fulfills the requirements for a good thriller. I have to say I was haunted by the scenes and surprised a few times by the twists and turns built into the story. I love being surprised by a script. Very cool.

I arrived on set in the early afternoon and checked out the different scene situations. Everything was very well organized and the cast and crew were chipper despite the long, demanding day. Watching Walters direct was a real joy. He was energetic and dynamic, giving clear direction and constantly motivating. The actors did a fantastic job and the crew was on top of everything. It all moved at a pretty quick pace and I did my best to stay out of the way and just watch it all unfold.

I have to say, I love the art of making a film. While it does involve a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ it is just so interesting to watch all the aspects come together: lighting, camera shots, acting, direction and music. Amazing. It is truly a stunning art form. Today just made me love what I do even more.

Many film composers never make it on set, but it is so helpful if you have the opportunity. For one thing, I love getting to know the cast and crew in person, instead of just seeing the names in the credits and the actors on the screen. It makes the compositional process a lot less isolating. Also, even before you receive the locked edit, you get a feel for the pacing and energy of a film. The characters come to life and you have a better feel for who they are and how their themes should sound, (if their character requires a theme). All good things to help create a score that really serves the film.

So keep an eye out for The Resolution. We will be starting a fundraising campaign soon and then it will be time for more days on set to shoot the whole film. You can find out more about this film by reading the Weekly Volcano’s interview with writer Rick Tobin.

Speaking of fundraising, it is time for another plug for my two upcoming projects: Reversal and Room 13. Remember, every small contribution helps. These projects are both fantastic and very close to my heart. I will be writing all the music for Reversal (written by Jen Page) and collaborating with director Paul Eenhoorn on the music for Room 13.

I am eagerly awaiting some scenes from the film The Dead Men. We are working on finishing it in time for early submission to Sundance and Cannes. I have high hopes for this film, I believe it could go far! More news on that to come…..

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget about Reversal and Room 13!

Catherine Grealish 


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