A Birthday Note…

I meant to write this post on my actual birthday (August 2nd and don’t forget it!) but I ended up having too much fun with my husband. So here I am, three days later, but better late than never, right? Anyway, I always say my birthday goes for the whole month of August so maybe it isn’t late at all!

This birthday was incredibly special to me. I have now been composing for film, officially, for one whole year. Let’s be clear: I have been a composer for many years – over a decade –  but I started working on my first film, The Four Loves (directed by David Kavanaugh) right after my birthday last year. Actually having my hands on a film and syncing my music to picture was….well, frankly, a relief. After Four Loves followed A Musing, which is still touring the festival circuit. Then things really started rolling……

Right now I am working on my first feature The Dead Men, while waiting for filming and editing to wrap on four other shorts: Reversal, Room 13, The Resolution and Silver Bells (which just started its fundraising campaign!). Then there is the documentary Citizen Heroes which is also about to wrap filming. The point I am trying to make is not “Look how busy I am” but “Look how cool this is!” I am so happy, so lucky, so blessed. You have to understand: I LOVE composing for film. It makes me feel alive, and to be working on all these fantastic projects with amazing, talented, hard-working people is just incredible. I become teary, no joke. It is everything I have wanted, all come true.

My goals as a film composer are intimidating and may seem to some a little crazy. As I embark on my next year I am aware of how far I have to go. However, I have come a long way – in the last year and in the last 30-something years. I am confident that I will arrive at my destination.

With gratitude,
Catherine Grealish



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