Four Films that Need Your Support!

Hi People,

I come to you with four films. I am the composer on all of these films which is very exciting for me; exciting because they are great stories, with great actors and fantastic crew. These people are all very serious about film. They all want to do this for a living and raising funds is a big step towards making that happen!

I suggest, if you can, you do one of two things: either figure out an amount you can give and divy it up between these films (even if it is $5 for each, it SO helps!) OR watch all of the videos and give to the one that captures your heart and makes you pay attention.

These are in order of days left to give:

SLicE – 9 days left, $1,080 to go.

Ethan Seneker writes and directs a horror short involving a boy and his unhealthy passion for pizza. Seneker’s last film, Alone, won 15 awards in film festivals around the country. While he is only 15 years old, don’t let that daunt you. He knows what he is doing! (Clearly: 15 awards!!)

Room 13 -18 days left, $1,919 to go.

Paul Eenhoorn writes and directs this fantastic and moving piece: A Sting, four cops, a Vet, a town, a chance meeting, a story, a love story, comedy, a drama, life! Paul is a fellow Aussie and a fantastic individual. I first saw him act in my first short, A Musing, and he is also acting in the feature I am currently working on: The Dead Men. I loved reading this screenplay; Paul definitely has a way with words. He is a great story teller. Love it!

Silver Bells – 24 days left, $13,490 to go.

Please note: This is a Kickstarter campaign. If we don’t hit the goal we don’t get to keep a penny. Not one! So definitely keep that in mind.

David Spies writes and directs a beautiful story of hope and love. On Christmas Eve an elderly man is greeted with an unexpected surprise. David wrote and directed the afore mentioned AMusing. It was his first short and my second. I am thrilled to be collaborating with him again on this project. One of the key actors is Karolyn Grimes who played ‘Zuzu’ in It’s A Wonderful Life. Fantastic!

Reversal – 30 days left, $3,440 to go.

I am really excited to be a part of the first project by Coffee N Donutz Productions. The production company is made up of three amazing women: Jenn George, Leah Preston and Karen Townsend, all of whom have been in the industry on different projects and decided to come together to create their own company. The screenplay was written by fantastic writer and actor Jen Page.

A man wakes up behind the wheel of a car with no memory, a gun, and a woman in his trunk. The story that unfolds is full of intrigue as the mystery unravels…going to be so fun to score, I cannot tell you!

Four great films, people. I know we are all strapped for cash but please, if you can, give to these great films. You are supporting artists like myself who are working hard to make a living doing what they love and bringing you great, intelligent and thoughtful entertainment.


Catherine Grealish


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