Lots Going On…..

Hi Friends,

So many exciting things happening it is hard to keep track!

This last week my main focus has been working on the score for The Dead Men. It is coming together, slowly but surely. I have to say something terribly obvious but, goodness do you learn a lot by just DOING. Doing, people. Doing is the best. Reading is good. Classes, lovely. Watching tutorials, you go girl. But Doing is where the rubber hits the road. When Doing you say a lot of “wow, won’t do that next time” kind-of thing. Maybe it is the Un-Doing that teaches you the most!

Reversal is now in rehearsal (rhyming!) and quickly moving towards filming. It is so exciting, I love this project. I am meeting up with two of the producers tomorrow, Jenn George and Karen Townsend for a drink and catch-up. We are more than halfway on our fundraising with less than $3500 to go and 27 days left on the clock. Exciting!

Another film shooting at the end of this month is SLicE, written and directed by teenage¬†entrepreneur Ethan Seneker. Here’s the thing: he is only raising $1500 and has just $1035 to go. I definitely want to see this film funded because he is hiring great professional folks (like me!) and wanting to pay them to do what they do best. Even though he is younger than a lot of the filmmakers I work with, he totally gets it. Pay your cast and crew something and let them know that what they do is of value. Love it. So please, send $5 or $10 or whatever you can his way. It is important…….

Anyway, I am loving composing for film. It challenges and terrifies me on a daily basis. Moreover, it fulfills me in a way that no other job or career pursuit ever has. So, I sign off a happy camper.

Catherine Grealish


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