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I have some exciting news to share with you. It comes in the form of a press release. Please, read on……….


Catherine Grealish joins Coffee N Donutz Productions 

SEATTLE, Washington; August 27, 2011- Coffee N Donutz Productions, a Seattle based film production company, is pleased to announce the addition of Catherine Grealish as a Partner/Producer.

Ms. Grealish, a prominent member of the Seattle film community, will be focused on the creative elements of CND films including but not limited to; storyboards, production design, props, costume design, hair and make-up as well as her specialty, music.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with this announcement,” says Karen Townsend, Producer.  “Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Coffee N Donutz,” said Townsend. “Her experience and knowledge of the industry will support CND’s passion for making award-winning films.”

Ms. Grealish is a composer for film, media and live performance who has experience in a wide range of musical genres. She completed her Bachelor of Music at Cornish College of the Arts with a focus on Jazz composition and performance, studying with Jim Knapp. Ms. Grealish then graduated with a Master of Music from Boston University. She also studied at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program taught by composer Tim Huling and Emmy Award winning composer Hummie Mann. A recent short, Ego Boost, won the 3 Minute Masterpiece competition at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Born in Tasmania, Australia, she studied classical voice and violin until the age of 16 at which point she changed her focus to Jazz and Rock. Ms. Grealish also plays guitar and piano. She moved to the United States in 1998 to pursue a career in music. Ms. Grealish is the Vice-President of the Seattle Composer’s Alliance.

Coffee N Donutz Productions is a Seattle based independent film production company committed to making award-winning films that focus on women in thought provoking roles.

Jenn George
Coffee N Donutz Productions
Producer, Communications & Logistics


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