The Inside Scoop….

Hi All!

Last blog post I revealed to you that I am now co-owner and producer at Coffee N Donutz Productions. My fellow partners are Jenn George and Karen Townsend. They are awesome! I am so thankful to be working with such amazing business women.

This was such an exciting development. I have been thinking about producing ever since I have had the chance to see the inside workings of the film industry. What I discovered, when I passed through the veiled curtain, is that I love this industry. Not just writing the music, but every aspect of it. Love being development. Being on set. Filming. Post-Production. All of it! So being able to play a part in all aspects of a film project is totally up my alley.

Right now the focus of Coffee N Donutz is our fantastic film Reversal. Let me tell you: I have seen the rough cut and it is amazing. A big thank you goes out to our Director David Preston and our DP Chris Taylor and also to all the cast and crew. I am going to start working on ideas for the film this week and then sit down with Director Dave for a spotting session next Monday. Our goal is to submit it to Sundance! We think it is so good that it would be silly not to attempt to get into America’s leading film festival.

In the works are many fantastic projects. We have optioned an award-winning short screenplay titled “Hooker”. Trust me, it is not what you think, and it deals with the very painful, complex and relevant subject of Breast Cancer. Also in the works is a Steampunk Web Series titled Rise of Aesther. The world of Steampunk, people. Check it out. I was introduced to it through an episode of Castle and immediately fell in love. Seattle has the largest Steamcon in the States, I believe, and so we will be launching our project there, October 14-16.

Another very exciting development is that we will be producing the feature-length screenplay I wrote. It tells a story that really needs to be told. That is all for now! More news will be coming but this is a long term project and I have to do another re-write to do before I reveal anything further!

The most important thing right now is to finish up the Reversal fundraising campaign. Not only is it important that we raise the funds needed but also that we collect a lot of clicks! Every click brings us closer to being featured on the front page of So if you can’t contribute, please click! Every dollar, every click, brings us closer to our goal.

More from me soon. Until then, thank you all for your support of my progress and for reading along.

Catherine Grealish 

Please click on Reversal today!


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