Long Time, No Post….

Hi Friends,

There have been Many Developments since I last posted. Life has been quite crazy and busy, which truly is wonderful. I finished two scores in the last month and now I can honestly tell you I am thoroughly exhausted!

The Dead Men, a Silver Brothers film, has been in post for the last few months. It is an amazing film showcasing Seattle talent. Post-Production has not been a breeze but we are so close to having it ready to show to the world. I am excited on many levels: it is my first feature, it is a great story and I love the actors in it – Trin Miller and Paul Eenhoorn, to name two.

Speaking of Trin and Paul, Reversal has also been in post-production this month, and was submitted to Sundance last week – the first festival submission of many! Given the fast-approaching Sundance deadline, I had to compose the score in a little bit of a rush. That was stressful.

Let me clarify: No doubt this girl can compose quickly. Damn skippy I can! But it isn’t as much fun. Except…..when ideas start flowing at the speed you need them to. Which is what happened with the Reversal score! The central idea is a piano figure that I feel fully incorporates the concept of “reversal”. I love it when that happens! I am very happy with the score. There is one more final element which we are currently working on for the score and then, once color correction is in place, we are ready for the full festival circuit!

Coffee N Donutz has three features and another short in development right now. Very exciting things are on the horizon. All going according to plan, we will be back out shooting film again in a few months, but this time on a feature! I already have the score playing in my inner ear. Exciting stuff!

I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading!

Catherine Grealish



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