I Have So Much to Tell You….

Hi All,

What a fantastic month it has been. Exhilarating….exhausting….insanely busy: all that jazz.  Let me tell you all about it!

First of all, Coffee N Donutz has been working on an exciting new project. It is the feature film Burning Skies: The Rise of Æster. This film is based on the world represented in the award-winning LARP Rise of Æster and is being developed in conjunction with the creators. We are still very much in development on this film, but we did create a trailer to launch this last weekend at Steamcon. I wrote the music for the trailer and performed the violin part. I have to say, it was really great having that quality time with my violin again. I need to play it more often! I believe this is a new beginning for my relationship with the violin. Exciting times!

You can check out the trailer here. I am really thrilled with the music. The audio needs to be tweaked and we plan to add some more graphics and images. The graphic at the beginning was created by the amazing Tim Everitt. He is on board with Burning Skies and very excited about the project. You may know him from such movies as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Last Samurai. He is an amazing digital effects artist and photo-realist. This project is really going to be amazing!

Burning Skies is shaping up to be an amazing film. The logline is: “In a dark steampunk world, a famed airship captain haunted by a tragic past leads his crew on a dangerous quest to prevent a deadly serum from killing thousands.” It will be a story of great adventure set in a fantastic world.I will keep you posted as we progress…..

The weekend before we had Ron Jones up here for a weekend workshop called “Compose Yourself”. Ron is amazing. He is one of the most generous spirited individuals I know. He is very entertaining, extremely inspirational and just a blast to be around. I learned a lot that weekend and it made me so excited to keep doing what I am doing. For all the composers out there, definitely try to go to a Compose Yourself workshop when he next has one. Also, in LA he does a monthly get together called “The Ravel Club” at Vitello’s near Studio City. Composers, musicians and other folk get together to study scores, discuss music and just hang out together. They just finished up Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe and are now studying Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. I highly and completely recommend attending one of these sessions. Check out Ron’s website for more info or just shoot him an email.

Two other exciting projects are on the horizon:

Symphonic Stories
On March 18 I will premiering an orchestral work along with six other composers. The works will all be based on a story and will feature beautiful melodic work. This fantastic opportunity is co-produced by Glenna Burma and Tim Huling’s Composition Lab. I am thrilled at this opportunity. I have my story and I am starting to hear the music…..

Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble Choreographer/Composer Project
I had a thought a few nights ago about how cool it would be to compose music and have dancers bring it to life. I decided to call someone…..when things calmed down a bit. But before anything could calm, Mike Owcharuk called me and said “Hey, the SJCE is doing this new project……” Four composers, four choreographers, dancers and one amazing ensemble of musicians. Date is tentatively set for the second weekend in April. My choreographer, Ileigh Reynolds of Animate Objects Physical Theater, is fantastic. This concert is going to be EPIC!

Life is good, people. Really good. I will write more soon!


Catherine Grealish












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