The Only Thing Better……

Hi Friends,

As per usual, things have been busy on the Catherine front. There are projects wrapping while other projects are just starting out. Never a dull moment! I am hoping there will be some restful moments coming up but for now things are pretty crazy.

Within the craziness I have experienced something so beautiful. It reminded me of why I am doing what I am doing.

As I have told you before, I take part in Tim Huling‘s Composition Lab. Essentially, you write a piece for a specified ensemble, Tim mentors you as you develop the work, and then it is performed by professional musicians. It is also professionally recorded so you leave with an excellent recording of your work. It is a great thing! Tim rotates the sessions between a chamber ensemble and a jazz ensemble.

Due to all the projects I have been juggling, I composed the piece of music for the Jazz Composition Lab very quickly – over a month long period. I wrote the lead sheet, showed it to Tim, arranged about a third of it, received his feedback and then completed the other two thirds. It was really great just sitting down and putting something together fairly fast. I believe I spent around 16 hours total.

Rehearsal day came….very quickly! We rocked up to the Seattle Drum School, put our parts in front of the amazing Jazz musicians who had been hired for the gig, and they played. And it sounded amazing. Sure, there were a few things that needed to be worked out and adjusted, but very quickly it sounded like what I had heard in my head, except better!

Two days later it was time for the performance and again, it sounded amazing. A few hiccups (standard operation with live performance), but amazing.

This is where it is at, people: You compose music. You pay really great musicians to play what you wrote. And they do.

The only thing better than composing music is hearing it played well.

Check out the performance here of the two pieces I composed: Matilda and Waltz for Miles.

Background on the compositions: Matilda was born about two weeks ago and only lived for six days. She was taken too quickly and I wanted to write a short piece that memorialized her all-too-short life. Waltz for Miles is a tribute to my favorite Jazz musician, Miles Davis. Enjoy!


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