13 Days Until the New Year…..

Hi All,

Today is 18th of the December. Just 13 days until 2012. Which is crazy. It really makes me marvel because this was my first year being a full-time freelance composer, musician and teacher. This year was Amazing! It was a year of dreams coming true. It really blows my mind. Phenomenal.

Let’s recap, shall we?

I started in January with just a few a students and just a few projects. The moment I gave my freelance opportunities my full attention, a few projects turned into Many! Films I wrote music for this year were: Ego Boost (winner of the SIFF/Seattle Times 3 minute masterpiece competition), Playfish, Nothing Against Life (1 cue), After All This (also featured at SIFF as part of Fly Films), Mercy Hospital: Life! from the Forbidden Zone (48 hour film competition), Death and Destruction, Reversal and the feature film Dead Men. I have helped out as assistant copyist on other very cool projects like Barbie Charm School (bizarre but super fun!) and Camilla Dickinson. Also, I wrote two new live performance pieces: Duality and Waltz for Miles with the prelude Matilda. These were performed by amazing Seattle musicians, an experience that can barely be beat.

The teaching has come along really well with very little work. I love my students, they are inspirational and so much fun to work with. Many students have come and gone throughout the year which is par for the course, but I have valued my time with all of them and learnt a lot from every single one.

One of the biggest things that happened this year was becoming a co-owner of Coffee N Donutz Productions with Jenn George. Reversal was our first project and we have so many exciting things on the horizon, not the least of which is Burning Skies: The Rise of Æster. By the way, I not only composed the music for that trailer, I also played the live violin track and recorded it in my home studio. That was so much fun! Hard work but fun. This year we will be developing two feature films and producing at least one short. We have big dreams, a lot of support and buckets of elbow grease so good things are definitely going to happen!

Next year is looking super exciting. I think the biggest project for me is the symphonic work I am writing for Symphonic Stories on March 18, 2012 at Benaroya Hall. Close runner-up projects are the choreography collaboration with the Seattle Jazz Composer Ensemble (SJCE) and the Silent Film Competition Launch with SIFF, SCA and SJCE. I will be giving you much more information about all these projects so please, Stay Tuned! I want to see you there and there may also be fundraising opportunities which you will be welcome to be a part of.

I have had a lot of support and positive feedback this year on my work. Thank you so much and please keep it coming. It means a lot to me to hear how you are enjoying the music and what works for you. I truly write music for your listening pleasure. I write film scores to enable the film be a complete experience. My goal is to create beautiful music and melodies which stay with you, day after day. I am so looking forward to another year of composing.

All the best and Happy New Year!
Catherine Grealish


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