Catherine News!

Hi All,

It has been a crazy few months. Symphonic Stories was a great success! We had a great turn out for the concert and raised a lot of money for the Sendai Philharmonic in Japan. There is still time to donate. Also, the DVDs and CDs will be ready very soon, so I will keep you posted on that front. We had the mixing session last weekend and all the tracks are truly sounding fantastic. 
This coming weekend is going to be very special. For the last few months I have been creating a new work with choreographer and dancer Amy Weaver. It will be performed this weekend as part of Confluence/Influence, a Composer/Choreographer pairing. There are two nights to see this fantastic show so I hope you can make it out. Other composer/choreographer teams are Karin Stevens Dance + Michael Owcharuk, UMAMI Performance + Beth Fleenor, and Khambatta Dance Company + Stephen Fandrich. 
On the film front, I am involved in some exciting projects! First of all we have Senior Showcase, which will be premiering at the Seattle International Film Festival during Shorts weekend. This is by filmmakers Kris and Lindy Boustedt, and was created in collaboration with Nathan Hale Highschool and Shoreline Community College. I am composing the score, but one cue is being created in collaboration with two Nathan Hale Highschool student musicians. 
Next is the feature-length documentary Citizen Heroes. Filming has been happening for the last year or so and we are now in post-production. This coming week, SIFF’s Uptown Theater is running a week of Action Hero movies like Iron Man and The Hulk, leading up to the premiere of The Avengers. At the beginning of every screening there will be the trailer for Citizen Heroes and also an excerpt of the documentary, just so you have a sneak preview of the awesomeness! We just started the Kickstarter for post-production. This Kickstarter pays me for composing the score amongst many other things, so we need your support. If we don’t hit the goal, we don’t get a penny. There are a lot of perks already listed but if you support the kickstarter, I will make sure you receive a signed CD of the soundtrack. Please become a citizen hero yourself, and support us!
Then: Revelation. Shooting happened last month and now we are editing. It is going to be a series of six one-minute shorts and then a longer short combining all the pieces of the puzzle. This is really a work of art. It is going to be released online, not in Festivals, so you all get to see it right away! 
I was just in LA for the ASCAP i Create Music Expo, and it was fantastic. I had some great feedback on my music and it was all very encouraging. Adrian and I are keen on moving down there as soon as reality allows. In the meantime, we will be back down in May for the Sundance LA Composer Lab, networking, checking out places to live and work and catching some Vitamin D. 
Finally, a silly request: I have a facebook page. I am at 98 likes, and just DYING to get over 100. So please, if you haven’t already (and I know a lot of you have) please click the like button? Thanks! 🙂
Thank you for your continuing support! 

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