May Update! SIFF and Much More…..


Catherine Grealish and Rochelle Kersten at SIFF’s Opening Gala. 

Hi All,

It is that time again: the Seattle International Film Festival. Woohoo! I went to the opening Gala and saw Lynn Shelton’s fantastic film Your Sister’s Sister and heard Charles-Henri Avelange’s live orchestra perform the SIFF Montage music (brilliantly edited by Kris Boustedt). What a great night!

Tonight I saw the world premiere of Camilla Dickinson – a film by Cornelia Moore with the gorgeous score by BC Smith. I was the music proof reader on this film and I loved every moment I worked on it. BC’s music was fantastic, with phenomenal orchestration by Edgardo Simone. Seeing it on the big screen was really special.

Coming up on Tuesday night is Sue Corcoran’s Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas. I did not work on this film at all but I am so excited to see it. It is another example of the fantastic films created by filmmakers in Seattle.

Did you notice that all the films mentioned so far are by female filmmakers (who are also members of Women In Film Seattle)? How cool is that? Very Freaking Cool. All they are missing is a female composer. 😉 All in good time!

Speaking of female composers, my film, Senior Showcase, is premiering at SIFF on Memorial Monday, May 28 at 1 p.m. I am so excited! I hope to see you there, if you are in town. It is on the bill with a bunch of great Seattle shorts.

I am doing more than just watching movies these days, I promise. I am working on the feature-length documentary Citizen Heroes. I really believe this documentary is something special and it really, truly needs your help to make it through post-production. Please can you donate just a few dollars our way? Please check out our Kickstarter campaign. You can also watch an excerpt about the Real Life Super Hero SkyMan. SkyMan has a big heart, and I felt a bit teary writing the music for this segment.

Coming up in the next month is Revelation, an animated short, and continuing work on a feature-length animatic. Things are happening friends! Meanwhile I have been to LA twice in the last month and will be back down soon. I am really excited about the people I am meeting and the connections I am making.

Thank you all for your continued support. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions. Until next time…..

Catherine Grealish


One thought on “May Update! SIFF and Much More…..

  1. Catherine, congrats on all your success. I’ll probably miss Senior Showcase, because it overlaps with a performance I have that day, but I’ll be there in spirit. By the way, you should make time to see Eden. It’s a really rough topic, but it’s easily the best narrative film I’ve seen come out of Seattle… and done by another Seattle female filmmaker!

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