Exciting Summer Projects

Hey All,

It has been a great summer thus far with many exciting projects happening. I thought it was about time I gave you a quick update:


Revelation is really coming along and we are steaming through post-production. What started off as six standalone micro films exploring the concept of Revelation has now come together as one spectacular short film.

Revelation’s premiere is quite the event! One night only, free and open to the public, the six Revelation films will be revealed underneath the Teatro Zinzanni bigtop! This evening will feature:

– live theatre performance
– mask making for the kids
– live music
– an art gallery by local Seattle artists
– the debut of the films!

Cash bar, snacks, and an amazing night for the whole family. I hope if you are in town you will join us for this very special evening!

The Art of Walking Barefoot

This illuminating, feature-length documentary will provide a glimpse into the lives of the orphaned children of Pattaya, Thailand and the extraordinary people who care for them.

We’ll be featuring three powerful and poignant story lines. The first follows the harsh reality of children navigating the extreme poverty and slums of Pattaya as well as the ever present danger of human trafficking and prostitution. The second highlights children that are thriving due to the efforts of local organizations committed to change. And the third will follow a child caught between these two worlds.

To raise the funds for this documentary we are doing a crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter. We are just four days away from the deadline, and if we don’t reach our goal we don’t get a penny of what is currently pledged. After all the funds promised come through we are still about 7 grand short. This is so important because this documentary will highlight a serious issue that truly needs more attention. Please consider donating, and if you cannot donate, please click away on all the links because clicks really help too! Thank you.

All Things Hidden

This award-winning script is finally getting it’s film set! I am so honored to be working on this amazing film that deals with the very difficult issue of domestic violence. All Things Hidden is a short film exploring the difficult journey that a young woman, Dannie, must make to confront her tragic past and free herself from its emotional vice.

Through a series of flashbacks, we see the events that have held Dannie in an emotional vice for years, and we witness the painful transformation she must go through in order to, once and for all, set herself free. Where there is tragedy, there is also hope. Where there is violence, there is the power of love. Where there is forgiveness, the healing can begin.

We film this weekend! I will keep you posted as we head through filming to post-production…..

These are just three of the exciting projects I am currently working on. Thanks for reading and for your continual support. Please don’t forget about Walking Barefoot; click away!



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