Happy November!

Hello friends,

I hope you are enjoying the new look of my blog. I thought it was time for a change! Everything else in my life is changing so why not the blog as well?! Just makes good sense.

In just three very short weeks my husband and I along with our two gorgeous cats will be moving our life to sunny Los Angeles. We are excited! Moving is so incredibly stressful but this move for us is special as we are finally coming good on a promise we made to ourselves a while ago. We will definitely miss the Seattle film and music community and our dear friends here who really are family to us. Thankfully we are just a short plane ride (or long road trip) away…..

As may have heard, I am under consideration for Grammy Nomination for my classical work Artist and The Muse from the album Symphonic Stories. If you are a Grammy voting member, please keep me in mind. Even if I do not achieve the nomination, this is a great honour and I am thrilled.

I hope you have had time to check out my latest film Revelation. I love this project. It was definitely the most demanding score I have ever composed. Like most challenges that stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone, I know I have grown so much as a result.

Now I am finishing up the score for the Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures. I recorded some live trumpet for the score last week with the fantastic Samantha Boshnack. Nothing like a good trumpet anthem! I am also about to start work on two great shorts All Things Hidden and Room 13. Exciting times! And I am packing……well……thinking about packing. Dreaming about packing fairies coming to the house and just making it all work.

Signing off for now. Thank you for reading and for your continued support of my work.

Onwards and Hollywoods……



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