Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year!

I am so excited for 2013. In some ways, it is a relief to welcome this new year into my life. For me, 2012 was the year of limbo. The year was one very long preparation for the move to LA, with a whole lot of “are we there yet?!?!” feelings. And now, look at us: we are here! I am glad we have been here for a month because we start 2013 feeling settled, comfortable in our new surroundings, and already in our new life rhythm.

My limbo year had some great moments for which I am hugely thankful. I know I grew a lot as a composer. I scored seven films and three live works!

One of my highlight moments was my orchestral debut at Benaroya Hall: Artist and The Muse. It was wonderful to prove to myself that I could actually compose for a real live kick-arse orchestra and I could do it well! At the end of the year it was shortlisted for Grammy Nomination which was a wonderful compliment. You can purchase the full work on iTunes.

I am really thankful for all the films I scored – SLicE, Senior Showcase (which premiered at SIFF), Dressing Up, Citizen Heroes, the Burning Skies trailer, and Scapegoat – but one really took the cake for me this year, which was Revelation.

Revelation was an epic experience. 14 minutes of wall-to-wall music. The score was almost all live instruments including a six piece string chamber group, flute, oboe, english horn, french horn, bassoon and two singers! Three recording sessions, some sound design and a lot of sound engineering love from Jon Goff, we had our score. The premiere was a packed event at Teatro Zinzanni in downtown Seattle.  It was just so cool, I don’t know how else to describe it. The CD will be out soon so stay tuned and please check out Revelation if you have not done so already.

This last month has been amazing. The highlight for me has been assisting composer Miriam Cutler on some of her projects. There really is nothing better than learning the ropes from someone who has been on the scene for a while.

Now we are in 2013 and there is a lot on my plate!

Firstly, I am finishing my composition For Those Who Have Walked Ahead in preparation for the concert Celebrate World Music on March 24, 2013 at Benaroya Recital Hall. We record on January 15th so it is most definitely Go Time!

After that is out the door, I am continuing work on Scapegoat, and also scoring the fantastic short films All Things Hidden and Stop Requested. Hopefully by April the edit will be locked on The Art of Walking Barefoot and I can get to work on that fantastic feature-length documentary as well!

I am thankful and excited. Here’s to a productive 2013! Thank you for your support. Please, like my facebook page if you haven’t already, follow me on twitter and stay in touch!

Film Composer Catherine


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