Whirlwind Trip to Seattle…..

Hi All,

I am now back in sunny LA recovering from a very speedy trip to Seattle. The purpose was to record my work For Those Who Have Walked Ahead in preparation for the Celebrate World Music concert. While the concert is not for another two months – Sunday, March 24 – we recorded in January in order to sell CDs at the concert. 

This was the first time that one of my concert works was recorded at Studio X. I love Studio X. It has been the studio for many great albums and film scores. Artists that recorded there include Nirvana, Pearl Jam and SoundGarden and film scores include Into the Wild, Office Space and Big Fish. And I just love being there! I don’t know what it is but it feels like a space in which dreams come true and amazing musicians congregate to make your music magically come to life.

Hearing these incredible musicians play my composition was an amazing experience. I had worked so hard on this piece. It wasn’t just me trying to make the most of a great opportunity, it was also a piece that was written in remembrance of an amazing woman, my Aunty Wendy Delaney. No pressure!

When I heard them play it from start to finish it all came together. I was not disappointed. Greg Powers played the didgeridoo like he had been blowing on that thing since he had come out of the womb. I was blown away – pun intended! (Couldn’t resist!) My favorite violinist, Stephen Bryant is concert master on this gig and it always makes me happy to hear him playing my music.

As usual, nothing beats having great musicians play your compositions. It is better high than any drugs could offer. Days after the session, I am still flying.

Hope to see you at the concert!

Catherine Grealish


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