Great things are happening!

Hi Friends,

Things have been going great! Let me tell you about a few highlights:

This last weekend I attended and assisted with a Masterclass on Midi Orchestration by the great Penka Kouneva. It was such a fantastic time. Penka is an exceptional composer and orchestrator, as well as being an exemplary communicator and teacher. Like other wonderful composers in my life, such as Ron Jones, she is really interested in giving back to the music community; paying it forward. I think I can very safely say everyone in that room left feeling inspired and had a lot to think about for the rest of the weekend and the following weeks. I am so thankful to be in a city with so many generous composers. I am learning bucket-loads! Penka has two more masterclasses coming up which I believe are sold out, but check her website to make sure. I am hoping we can convince her to do more……

In my last blog I told you about the feature-length documentary project Citizen Heroes. We are doing a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for post-production. We had a bare-minimum goal of $750 which we exceeded in just 5 days. Now we are going for a stretch goal of $3000. We have less than $2000 to go! Please help us meet it. I think this is a fantastic project and I am so thankful to be composing and co-producing. We could really use your support. Clicks help almost as much as donations! You can click and donate here.

We are just a month and a few days away from Celebrate World Music – both the concert and the CD release. I am so excited for this event. If you are in Seattle please buy tickets and come support your local musicians and composers. If you aren’t, stay tuned for CD purchasing details. It will be available on iTunes and other places as well, I am sure.

In the meantime I will be continuing to work on Citizen Heroes, All Things Hidden, The Last Buck Hunt and other exciting projects! Stay tuned for more news from me soon.  Check out my updated website created by my talented husband. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Catherine Grealish


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