Compose All The Things!

Hi Friends,

LIfe in LA is pretty busy, I have to say! We are loving it here in the sun. No complaints.

We will be heading back up to chilly Seattle this weekend for the premiere of my concert work “For Those Who Have Walked Ahead” as part of the Celebrate World Music concert. It is composed in memory of my Aunt Wendy Delaney who did so much for the Aboriginal community in Tasmania while she was with us. The work is for Didgeridoo and chamber orchestra. There are still a few tickets available and you can buy them here! The concert is at Benaroya Recital Hall on Sunday March 24, 2 p.m.

As you may remember from previous posts I am composing the score to the fantastic documentary Citizen Heroes. We are trying to raise $3000 to help us through post-production – editing, scoring, festivals and distribution. We could really use your help! If you could be our hero and help us out there are some Fantastic perks that come your way in return. Please check out our crowdfunding campaign on Indigiegogo. Thanks!

What else am I working on? Heaps of stuff. So excited! Please check out these projects……

All Things Hidden: Provocative, poignant & cause driven. All Things Hidden is a short film exploring the difficult journey that a young woman, Dannie, must make to confront her tragic past and free herself from its emotional vice.

The Last Buck Hunt: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods…
Filmed in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, The Last Buck Hunt is an independent feature film starring Zack Gold (Stockholm, Fear Lives Here), Cathan Bordyn (In the First Few Days), Scott C. Brown (The Gamers, JourneyQuest), and introducing Briana Chicha. When the cast becomes an endangered species in this horror-comedy, you’ll have to decide whether to laugh or scream.

The Art of Walking Barefoot: An inspiring documentary about the work of the 3L Foundation and the orphaned children of Pattaya, Thailand.

I am also assisting two great women composers: Miriam Cutler and Penka Kouneva. Miriam Cutler is a documentary composer. One of her films, Kings Point was nominated for an Oscar this year! I was honored to do music prep on her film American Promise which premiered at Sundance! Penka Kouneva is a composer and lead orchestrator. She co-composed the score for very popular video game Prince of Persia and was lead orchestra on Hansel and Gretal and Elysium.   It is awesome to work with two such amazing women who are leaders in the film/game score world.

That is my news for now! Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Please don’t forget to check out Citizen Heroes!

More soon…….
Catherine Grealish


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