Please be my Hero…..

Hi Folks!

I have been a part of the Citizen Heroes project now for over two years. At the beginning I just thought it was a cool concept: people pretending to be super heroes and dressing up in cool costumes – what could be better, right?

But then I got to know some of the heroes we cover in the documentary.

There is Knight Owl in Portland, OR, who watches over the street kids and homeless people. He hands out water and hand warmers and checks in on the regulars.

Then there is Skyman. He has one of the biggest hearts I have ever encountered. Watch the Citizen Heroes excerpt about him here.

Phoenix Jones is a controversial Real Life Super Hero (RLSH) but also plays a valuable part in this scene. In the last few days he prevented a sexual assault in Seattle. He is also trying to coordinate an effort to provide sleeping bags and other warm items to prevent the current situation where one homeless person a week dies from the cold on Seattle streets.

All this to say: I love these individuals. I care for them. I appreciate that they care enough about their community to go out there night after night and look out for the citizens in their neighborhood. The ones with homes and the ones without.

I believe their stories are worth telling. More than that, they are important to tell! We are trying to raise money to meet our goal of $3000. We have just $775 to go. The money goes to post-production: editing, music, distribution and festival submission. Please support us!

Thank you!

More soon,
Catherine Grealish, Film Composer


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