All Things Hidden

I am very proud to announce the release of the All Things Hidden soundtrack! It is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and most places where digital music is sold.

All Things Hidden is a short narrative film told from a young girl’s POV about the emotional ramifications of growing up around domestic violence. It explores the journey a young woman makes to confront her tragic past and free herself from its emotional vice. Once she steps inside her childhood home, we witness the painful transformation she must go through in order to, once and for all, let it go.

Where there is tragedy, there is also hope. Where there is violence, there is the power of love. Where there is forgiveness, the healing can begin.

This film was perhaps the greatest challenge I have faced thus far as a film composer. The music is simple and sensitive. The main melodic ideas are carried by solo cello, played by the amazing Heather McIntosh. I chose the cello for my main instrument as it seems to capture so well the sound of the human condition. Also, the screenwriter Persephone Vandegrift LOVES the cello, I think for the same reason.

My goal was to make sure the music didn’t take the film, which is  very heavy, into the realm of melodrama. I wanted the story to breathe, while still capturing the horror and grief  experienced by our main character, Dannie, as she revisits her difficult violent childhood. So I tried to write as simply as possible, without composing too little. Starting the film with a solo cello line was a risk, but it seemed to be the right choice.

My favorite track is the final cue, Metamorphosis, where Dannie has faced her childhood and finally starts to heal. You can hear the full piece on my soundcloud page. The instrumentation is piano, cello and…….my own voice! It was wonderful to literally as well as figuratively contribute my  voice to All Things Hidden, as domestic violence awareness is something I am extremely passionate about.

All Things Hidden will be coming to a film festival near you soon! I will keep you posted on screenings. We hope this film will bring a voice to the survivors of domestic violence; to start the conversation and allow the healing to begin.

More soon,
Catherine Grealish


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